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Siding Terms & Definitions

Strips of wood placed over joints in wood siding to seal them.
Clapboards that are tapered instead of cut rectangular.
A split or crack that appears along the grain of wood siding.
Wood planks that are laid horizontally, overlapping one another.
Composition Board
Siding constructed from weather resistant, compressed wood.
An entire row of siding.
Areas of the siding that remains visible once installed.
The exterior board that runs along the edge of a roof. The fascia creates a finished look by covering up the ends of the roof rafters.
The overlapping of two siding panels to allow for expansion or contraction of the siding material.
The underside space between the end of the roof and the side of a home, often vented to provide circulation to the attic.
Wall Sheathing
Sheets of plywood or wood planking used to cover the wall framework of the house.